When to start preparing things for the baby?

There is no doubt that the arrival of the baby is a very special moment and at the same time expected for all moms and all parents who are willing to see and hug their baby for the first time. However, on many occasions that desire makes the preparation of all the important things start on some occasions very soon. So when is the best time to start preparing your stuff?

When to start preparing things for the baby?

As a general rule, most women usually wait at least to know the sex of the baby to choose between one thing or another and, although many other fathers and moms currently tend to give more equal to the sex of the baby because they will opt for more neutral, the truth is that a good date to start preparing everything little by little is between the fourth month of pregnancy and the seventh, and the most necessary purchases can be made around theΒ  seventh month of pregnancy.

It is also convenient to make a list of everything you need and take it easy. It is important not to buy impulsively. In addition, we must also bear in mind that both family and friends will give you gifts before and after the baby is born so you will have to be cautious and be patient because with the essentials and with what they give you you will have everything ready to give Welcome to the new family member. To place and decorate the baby’s room a margin of time between the fourth and seventh month is also the most appropriate, although it is already quite advanced. Of course, do not forget at any time the accessories absolutely essential for your great arrival.

Remember that the baby’s room must be finished before it is time to give birth, and keep in mind that once the baby is born you will not have time or desire to prepare things for your baby, much less your room. That is why up to seven months is the most advisable since from this month of gestation (and as time goes by) it is increasingly difficult to predict when the baby will arrive or not. Therefore, it is important to be cautious because it is often difficult to have everything before eight months. Perhaps one of the most frequent obstacles is related to the room, as is the case with furniture, which in many cases the delivery time of these is usually quite long.

What does your baby really need?

Because there is a lot to buy and we know it, but is everything really necessary? Many times both parents and mothers (especially those who are first-time) go crazy to buy and buy things for their future baby. But you have to be patient and have the ability to control yourself, as there are some purchases that are not yet totally necessary, at least until the baby is six months old. So what are the fundamentals before your arrival?

  • Bathtub and baby changing table: the flat-bottomed bathtub comes with support for the first three or four months, but it can also be placed on a firm surface. The changing table must be comfortable and practical to avoid dirtying everything when changing diapers and bath time.
  • High chair or high chair: this type of chair allows the baby to sit at the table with the rest of the family. The seat and base can be adjusted as the baby grows.
  • Moses and hammock: a simple bassinet that weighs little will be ideal for the baby, and a hammock, which has to be rigid or tilting with back support. Ideal for when the baby still does not sit.
  • Large crib: when the baby is too big for the bassinet you will need a crib. Ideally, choose one that has two positions and where one side can be lowered so as not to force your back too much when lifting your baby.

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