Travel bottle warmer: how it works

Travelling today has become very simple. Around the world there are many families armed with pushchairs, baby carriers and thermos ready to enjoy the holidays without giving up anything.

In the first few months of life going out with your newborn is easier than it seems. After the very first weeks of life you will realize that breastfeeding greatly simplifies the management of the baby.

Breastmilk is a ready-to-use food served in quantities and at the right temperature that fully meets your baby’s expectations. If your baby feeds on formula milk instead of mother’s milk, you don’t have to worry.

Nowadays you can have dosers for powdered milk, simple thermos to keep the water warm or even better a very comfortable best baby bottle warmer.

Where can I buy a bottle warmer?

The bottle warmer is very easy to find: you can go to a small household appliance store or if you want to be safe you can go to a children’s products store.

You will surely find yourself in front of various brands from Avent Philips to Chicco, there will be plenty of choice. They are all reliable brands that have been operating for years in the sector dedicated to children.

One idea would be to select this product to put it on your birth list if you are still waiting, otherwise you can buy it at any time. The bottle warmer almost always has two functions: it is used both to keep the milk warm and to heat the first meals.

How does it work?

The Avent Philips bottle warmer keeps the boiled water inside the thermal container warm for about six hours and ensures that the bottle warms up in just a few minutes. It is generally small in size and therefore easy to carry in your baby’s bag.

It is equipped with a safety cover to prevent liquid from escaping and to keep the bottle teat away from external agents. Inside the package there is a heating guide that specifies the appropriate heating time based on the bottle and the temperature of the milk.

Unlike Avent, whose bottle warmer can only be used with bottles and containers of the same brand, Chicco offers a bottle warmer compatible with many of the bottles and containers on the market.

Designed to gradually heat the milk, it keeps the baby food and milk warm for an hour and, thanks to its convenient plug, can also be used outside the home.

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