The stages of childbirth

The birth is divided into three stages mainly: dilation, expulsion, and delivery. Each of them has certain characteristics and duration that you should know to be well prepared for when the time comes. Dilatation This stage begins with the first labor contractions that cause the onset of cervical dilation and Continue Reading

Legs tired in pregnancy

Tired legs are a common nuisance of pregnancy, especially in recent weeks, when the weight of the uterus and hormonal changes make it difficult for the venous return of the legs, making them feel heavy, swollen and especially at the end of the day. tired The good news is that Continue Reading

How to do Kegel exercises?

Physical exercise is essential to stay healthy and fit both before and after pregnancy, as well as being a fairly effective way to recover posture after childbirth, but also to prevent some frequent dysfunctions in women such as urinary incontinence. The pelvic floor must be well taken care of so Continue Reading