No caffeine and meat: 7 bans for pregnant women

pregnant women eat hot dogs

Pregnant women should follow the general recommendations of their healthcare providers. But there are moments that not everyone remembers. For example, bans. What are they for girls in position Рwe will analyze in the material.

pregnant women eat hot dogs
Can pregnant women eat hot dogs?

The level of activity and energy during pregnancy may decrease. But coffee can invigorate. There is nothing wrong with caffeine, but its amount should be limited. According to the American Association, you can drink no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day for pregnant women.

Meat slices and hot dogs
Pregnant women should better exclude cold meat slices and hot dogs from the diet. All of them can be with bacteria of the genus Listeria, which are the causative agents of listeriosis. Pregnant women can be susceptible to such a disease that can affect the health of the unborn baby.

Teeth Whitening
Want a beautiful snow-white smile? But, unfortunately, for pregnant women, teeth whitening is prohibited. Even a simple home procedure can have a lot of contraindications. Most often, hydrogen peroxide is used in whitening products, which is neither safe for the pregnant woman nor the fetus. It is rare when such a procedure can do without consequences.

Cat tray
Pregnant women are not advised to clean the animal tray. Toxicosis plays an important role in this matter. Any unpleasant odor can cause nausea and vomiting. But the reason for this prohibition is deeper: cat feces are teeming with parasites. They can cause an infection called toxoplasmosis. And this can become a factor in the development of blindness, intracranial pressure, epilepsy in a child.

Over-the-counter tablets At first glance, these drugs are completely safe. They are released without a doctor’s prescription. For example, ibuprofen, analgin and so on. But for pregnant women, they are also banned. The thing is that the substances that make up such tablets can harm a child. The risk of birth defects may increase.

Beauty injections
For a pregnant woman, it is better to forget about Botox and other beauty injections. This is not the best choice for those who want to preserve the beauty and health of the child at the same time. Doctors do not recommend such procedures because of the danger of toxins that are included in these products.

This is another ban on pregnant women. Aerosol formulations are best avoided since the effects of vapors on the health of the mother and her baby have not been studied. Vapors are believed to be harmful to the fetus. Better not take the risk.

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