How to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy?

There are many women who look better than ever during pregnancy. However, there is a percentage of women who believe that pregnancy has the opposite effect on them and that their appearance, no doubt, worsens. One of the most common occurrences that exist during these months of pregnancy is stretch marks, an aesthetic problem that worries many of them.

Skincare during pregnancy and the appearance of stretch marks

In addition to affecting what happens to one internally, hormonal changes in pregnancy can also affect the outward appearance. In fact, it may happen that the skin looks better during pregnancy because of hormonal changes, fluid retention, and increased blood flow. What can result, therefore, in softer skin and is responsible for the famous  “shine of the pregnant woman”. However, in many other cases, what may happen is that the skin dries out and develops spots, so it is likely that more care should be taken during pregnancy. But why does the skin darken? This usually darkens during pregnancy and, although the exact reason is unknown, a possible explanation could be the increase in estrogen levels and melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which are those cells that stimulate skin pigmentation.

Our skin is divided into layers. One of them is the epidermis, which is the part we can touch, and the dermis follows, which is responsible for supporting the skin because there are collagen and elastic fibers; When the fibers are stretched they break and a scar is made, which is what we know as stretch marks. During pregnancy, there are many women who suffer changes in their skin and stretch marks are undoubtedly one of the most common aesthetic problems. Those reddish lines that can appear when the skin adapts to the new shape of the abdomen, but can also occur in the belly, breasts, hips or legs. These initially appear as pink or purple lines and may itch. After pregnancy, the stretch marks turn into pale wrinkles and a silvery-white color.

Why do stretch marks appear during pregnancy?

No one is very clear why they occur, although they are probably the result of a  combination of pregnancy hormones and that the skin is stretched. Some experts also consider that there are other factors such as family history, being very overweight before pregnancy or belonging to a particular ethnic group, although there is less agreement with these latest statements. To soothe the skin it would be good to apply moisturizers or creams recommended to reduce stretch marks that are safe during pregnancy.

Hydration is also the key to healthy skin at any age. However, when one is pregnant, hydration becomes more important because it is the tool that will give the skin enough elasticity to support weight gain. Ideally, use neutral and creamy soaps. The hot baths, in addition, are not too recommendable, and the shower is preferable, although without limitations of the number, but of water temperature. The dry shower is also not recommended due to sudden temperature changes. Finally, it must also be taken into account that the entire body must be hydrated, especially the breasts, abdomen, and thighs. To avoid, in addition, the irritation of the skin the ideal will be to use a cream without perfume and to wash you with a very mild soap.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

The truth is that it is much easier to have stretch marks if you are very young, if you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy or if you have a very large baby. However, there are some measures that can help us prevent its occurrence. And, unfortunately, once these appear it is also quite complicated to end them. In fact, as some experts say,  prevention is now the only way not to suffer them. But how? Well, you just have to moisten the skin and hydrate it constantly since you even know that you are pregnant, although it is also suitable when you are considering having a baby, even if you have not yet become pregnant.

And as stretch marks begin to appear between the sixth and eighth month, you will know when to start preventing them. This will also require a healthy diet, constantly hydrate drinking water and use a cosmetic product that keeps the skin hydrated enough to achieve elasticity. However, it should be taken into account that during pregnancy and lactation the pregnant woman should not undergo any cosmetic treatment since the only thing that can be received are relaxation massages in the back and legs without any type of device.

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