Travel bottle warmer: how it works

Travelling today has become very simple. Around the world there are many families armed with pushchairs, baby carriers and thermos ready to enjoy the holidays without giving up anything. In the first few months of life going out with your newborn is easier than it seems. After the very first Continue Reading

No caffeine and meat: 7 bans for pregnant women

Pregnant women should follow the general recommendations of their healthcare providers. But there are moments that not everyone remembers. For example, bans. What are they for girls in position – we will analyze in the material. Caffeine The level of activity and energy during pregnancy may decrease. But coffee can invigorate. There is nothing wrong Continue Reading

Can I drink wine during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting and happy period of life, which also brings certain worries and excitements. If you are very fond of wine and expecting a baby, you are probably worried about drinking wine during pregnancy. Many experts will immediately say “no” to the question of drinking any alcohol during pregnancy, but Continue Reading

The stages of childbirth

The birth is divided into three stages mainly: dilation, expulsion, and delivery. Each of them has certain characteristics and duration that you should know to be well prepared for when the time comes. Dilatation This stage begins with the first labor contractions that cause the onset of cervical dilation and Continue Reading

How to stimulate a baby?

Stimulation is essential in any aspect of babies’ lives. It is they who constantly need to be stimulated because, in addition to stimulation, it serves to strengthen the mother / father-baby ties, it also increases the safety of the baby, his mental abilities, his learning, and his skills. When to Continue Reading